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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral from a physician?

No, a referral is not necessary.

Do you accept insurance?

Serenity Acres accepts most health insurance plans and will work with patients and their families who are not covered by health insurance who choose to self-fund their treatment. For more information regarding coverage and costs, call us toll-free 24-hours a day at 800.203.2024. We can verify your insurance benefits 24-hours a day. Serenity Acres has counselors available 24-hours a day at our helpline for any immediate needs, questions or concerns. We are happy to answer your questions day or night. Call NOW 1.410.504.1417

What is included in the cost of treatment?

Serenity Acres utilizes “all inclusive” pricing. All therapies and treatment are included in the price, as well as many extras. Many other treatment centers charge in a piecemeal fashion, which leads to unexpected bills. Please see our Comparison Spreadsheet for a comprehensive list of everything included in the program.

How many patients are at Serenity Acres?

Due to the highly personalized and attentive treatment at Serenity Acres, we limit the amount of patients to 5 per counselor. We find that by limiting the number of patients, our professionals are able to truly get to know and work closely with each patient to address their recovery. It has been proven that treatment centers that service many patients at a time are extremely ineffective due to the inability to tailor their program to each person’s needs and provide the support necessary to successfully treat their addiction. At Serenity Acres, you will be treated like a person, not a number.

How can I help my loved one who is suffering from an addiction?

We have many ways to help you get treatment for your loved one. Whether your loved one would like to speak to a caring individual to address their questions and concerns about the program or if you are in need of an interventionist or other guidance, please call us at 1-410-504-1417 so that we can discuss the best way to help.

How long is the average stay?

The average stay varies, depending on the person, the addiction, and other factors. We realize that people have obligations and other responsibilities that they may need to get back to, but encourage patients to stay as long as necessary to become comfortable in sobriety and give themselves the best chance at a complete recovery.

Are there visitation hours?

Visitation is typically on Sundays, and we offer family therapy either before or after visiting hours. Family is also invited to participate in some of our recreational activities from time to time.

Is smoking permitted?

Yes. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.